Building an online business now is easier compared to the ways of the past. Every resource that you need is already available in the Web, and you can also get top-notch services in just few clicks. To get your small business wheels rolling, you need the support of multi-functional apps. These apps will help you reach your goals within your proper timeline, yet you don’t need to spend too much cash.


Zoom is a premier and user-friendly app that you can use to hold meetings with your team members, business partners, and potential leads. Aside from conducting meetings through this app, you can also record everything. This is a good way to create documentation streams that can be reviewed at any point later. Zoom allows you to have free meetings for a limited time.


Hootlet is an interesting app that allows you to read and share articles from social media. It’s a Chrome browser add-on, so the app won’t consume too much space. Moreover, you can also use the app to share your own content and create a firm schedule for it. If your business invests heavily in content marketing, Hootlet is an app that you shouldn’t ignore.

Board Booster

Pinterest is considered as one of the fast-growing social media platforms today. Due to its powerful inter-connectivity system, you can generate strong traffic to your business within months. To augment the capabilities of Pinterest, you can use a reliable app called Board Booster. Board Booster lets you schedule your pins accordingly, streamlining your lead generation processes.


Buzzsumo is like a spyglass that you can use to check out the competition in your niche. Its main purpose is to look for content          integrated with popular keywords, especially those ones shared in social media. Now, through Buzzsumo, you’ll have an idea which content topics are very popular and can generate continuous traffic for your site.

Using all of these apps in conjunction with other programs you have can bring huge growth for your business. Check the apps today and start devising your strategies.